Smart vacation scheduling software for organizations with many shift employees, complex schedules, and complex vacation quota rules in unionized or non-unionized environments.

Easy to Use

Employees easily select their vacation dates from a user-friendly calendar interface while seeing which days are available and why.

Easy to Deploy

Vacay requires little effort to set up and integrate with existing systems. Runs on IIS. Works with Active Directory.

Easy to Configure

Vacay's powerful rules engine makes it easy to accomodate any vacation quota rule for any situation.

More Benefits of VACAY

Happy Employees

Employees are able to see their approved vacation selections right away! No more guessing and checking, no more paper forms!

Happy Schedulers

Schedule administrators can set up a variety of rules from a user-friendly interface to ensure there are no conflicts or overbooking.

Privacy Ensured

VACAY does not require remote access to anywhere outside of your organization. It is a fully contained, out of the box solution.

Detailed Reports

Schedule administrators can run detailed reports and logs on vacation sessions in case of union grievances.

Made in Canada